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The Tobacco Free Partnership of Martin County Recognizes Community Leaders in Tobacco Prevention
May 15, 2019

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Martin County held their annual awards ceremony on May 15 at Twisted Tuna, recognizing local leaders in tobacco prevention.

The Tobacco Prevention Awards are presented each year to groups or individuals who have made an exceptional contribution towards the goals of the Tobacco Free Partnership.

MCM Timing was named Tobacco Free Champion for their efforts in adopting a tobacco free events policy for all the local races they time.  They have displayed tobacco free signage, provided by the partnership, at racing events, greatly decreasing tobacco use and enforcing the commitment to health and wellness among participants.

Laura McBride of the Department of Health – Martin County was named Partner of the Year, for her crucial work in advocating for tobacco free event policies.  Her work in Martin County has greatly decreased youth exposure to tobacco use and secondhand smoke.

Jennifer Ahern of the Children’s Services Council was named Tobacco Free Champion for her efforts to reduce marketing to youth at the point of sale.  Ahern has assisted in community presentations to educate decision makers on the impact of tobacco marketing in Martin County to help decrease youth exposure to advertisements and product placements.

Devin Schetzel, Danielle Boyle, Elliott Steward, Ryan Elliott, Zhianna Davis, Mariyah Smith

Each year, The Tobacco Free Partnership recognizes key leaders from the Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) Program. This year, Outstanding Youth of the Year awards were presented to Devin Schetzel of Hidden Oaks Middle School, Danielle Boyle of Stuart Middle School, Elliott Steward of Murray Middle School, Ryan Elliott and Zane Garappolo of the YMCA and Zhianna Davis and Mariyah Smith of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County.

Murray Middle School received an award for Outstanding Campus Outreach.  This year the club presented to the entire 6th grade class, produced informative spots for the morning announcements, and created posters for their school campus to educate all students on the danger of tobacco use.

Stuart Middle School was recognized for an Outstanding Prevention Video Project.  The club produced a video with the Tykes and Teens Lead and Seed group to educate youth on the dangers of vaping.

For their efforts in educating the public at community-wide events, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County received the Outstanding Community Outreach award.  They have attended regional and statewide trainings, participated in the Sheriff’s Office Trunk or Treat event, and have attended community-wide fairs to help youth remain tobacco free.

Hidden Oaks Middle School received an award for Outstanding Research & Education. Club members researched the dangers of tobacco and electronic cigarette use and aired their findings each day on the morning announcements at their school.

The YMCA was awarded Outstanding Educational Outreach.  They participated in community-wide events to educate the public on tobacco and helped spread the word through posters and educational outreach at the YMCA.

The work of the Tobacco Free Partnership would not be possible without the support and the effort of all of its members. This year’s award winners once again demonstrated a special commitment to tobacco prevention that is continuing to make a positive difference in Martin County.

For more information on the work of the Tobacco Free Partnership, or to become a member, contact Kim Nash at, or visit