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MCM Timing adopts Tobacco Free Policy for Local Races
February 18, 2019

STUART, Fla. — Local race timing company, MCM Timing, is making big strides in health and wellness by adopting a tobacco free event policy for local 5k, 10k and marathon races.

QuitDoc Foundation's Dr. Barry Hummel at December's Sugar Plum Run, timed by MCM Timing!

The policy will prohibit all tobacco use, including smoking, chew, cigars and electronic nicotine delivery device usage at races in Martin County, increasing enjoyment for children and families in attendance and ensuring breathe-easy races for participants.

Signage displayed at each of the races will specify traditional cigarettes, as well as chew tobacco and electronic cigarettes.  Tobacco use in public places can aid in increasing youth’s perception of tobacco as a normal substance to use.  This dangerous perception often leads to a minor’s own initiation of tobacco use.  Prohibiting use of cigarettes, chew tobacco, and electronic cigarettes at local races, particularly since they are viewed as health-focused events, will have a tremendously positive result, with fewer youth exposed to tobacco use and the elimination of secondhand smoke exposure.

Local tobacco-free policies are a big step in reducing the normalization of tobacco use in our community.  As a result, it is more likely that fewer youth will begin using tobacco products.  In addition to decreasing youth exposure, the health benefits of reducing secondhand smoke at the popular and well-attended festival has an immediate and positive impact on the residents of Martin County.


Debra Daley (left) and Mike Melton (right) pose by the new tobacco free signage!

For information on implementing a tobacco-free policy, contact Kim Nash at or by calling 561-452-5555.