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Local Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) Youth Attend Regional Training
November 3, 2018

SWAT Advisors Kristian Hobbs and Chelsea Taylor from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County and six SWAT Club student leaders attended the Region 4 SWAT Training on November 3 at Indian River State College in Okeechobee.

Local youth leaders Marlana Ellis, Chelsea Taylor, Zhianna Davis, Belsey Cruz, Kristian Hobbs and Anaya Thornton attended the training, each bringing their own unique perspective to the day’s activities.

The day was packed with many educational and interactive presentations, including icebreakers, a presentation on the “Not a Lab Rat” campaign, an interactive game of “myth” or “facts” related to tobacco, information on tobacco observance days, and information on SWAT’s 20th birthday.

The SWAT program began in 1998 and aims to empower, educate and equip Florida youth to revolt against Big Tobacco. SWAT is a movement of empowered youth working together to de-glamorize tobacco use. Their efforts aim to shape tobacco-free norms, make tobacco less desirable, less acceptable, and less accessible.

SWAT youth in attendance spoke on what SWAT has accomplished over the last twenty years and brainstormed where they’d like to see it go in the future.

At the conclusion of the training, the Youth Advisory Board proposed a call to action for all SWAT youth present, to be the first tobacco free generation.

The Martin County SWAT Youth in attendance left the training armed with resources and ideas to bring back to the county level to better counteract tobacco use among youth in our community.

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