Martin County High School Student Cakes a Creative Impact with Anti-Smoking Bookmarks
June 5, 2017

When the Martin County High School SWAT Advisor and art teachers approached Ignacio Valdez with a challenge – to create a bookmark with a message to prevent students from smoking – his creativity and talent surpassed all expectations!

Ignacio didn’t just address the dangers of traditional cigarette smoking, but his designs communicated the dangers of smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes – both of rising concern among high school youth in Martin County.

In all, nine designs were produced with stunning artwork that makes a big impact.  From the toothless grin warning of the dangers of chew to the “Honestly, It’s Still Addictive” e-cigarette image, each bookmark includes a list of facts on the back to help warn students of the dangers of tobacco products and prevent more students from initiating in tobacco use.

In addition to the tobacco prevention bookmarks, Ignacio raised the bar by creating a series of “Character Counts!” images as well.  His artwork packs a powerful message, modeling positive behaviors and preventing dangerous drug, tobacco and alcohol use.

Ignacio was recognized on May 18 at the Tobacco Free Partnership of Martin County banquet, where he was named Martin County High School’s SWAT Youth of the Year and was presented with his award by teacher Mrs. Aronof and Dr. Barry Hummel of the QuitDoc Foundation.  Mrs. Aronof shared words of his great accomplishments on the campus, where his bookmarks will be distributed to every student in the media center, and each of the banquet’s attendees went home with an Ignacio Valdez original bookmark warning them of the dangers of tobacco use.