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Local SWAT Youth make a BIG difference in Martin County
March 2, 2017

Local SWAT Youth are kicking off 2017 with a bang!  They have been hard at work participating in programs and activities throughout Martin County, making a BIG impact to counteract BIG tobacco.

The Murray Middle School SWAT Club was busy this January doing a “Campus Clean-up.”  With disposable PolyGloves on their hands, they cheerfully and enthusiastically picked up litter all around their campus at Murray Middle School.  The campus looks great and they got a great feeling of accomplishment. Along with advocating a healthy lifestyle by being tobacco free, they also advocate a healthy and clean environment.

Members that participated in the Murray Middle School Campus Cleanup were: Top row-Quincy Clark, Gabby Ramos, Lexie Palaskas, Anaya Thornton, Brooke Hawkins, Lizet Diaz, Valery Mejia, and Cheyenne Dillon-Galloway; Kneeling- Alexes Mijares, Elliott Steward, and Sariah Favors.

Three Clubs – Stuart Middle School, Murray Middle School, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County – headed to the Martin County Fair this February to spread the word on Through With Chew Week.  Through With Chew Week, which took place February 19-25 this year, is a national activism effort that helps spread awareness about the dangers of smokeless tobacco.  SWAT Youth took to the fair to distribute information on the event, where they setup a display with handmade posters, educational displays and more.

The artistic talents of SWAT Youth reached new levels this quarter as well – with bookmarks designed and drawn by a talented student at Martin County High School getting their first run in print.  The outstanding designs were reviewed by tobacco prevention staff around the state, and the first design selected for a trial run featured the dangers of smokeless tobacco, with a man’s toothless grin and the words “Not a Face Your Mother Would Want to See.” Several other designs will be printed and distributed in local schools to help promote tobacco free social norms and warn youth of the dangers of tobacco use.  

The SWAT program aims to empower, educate and equip Florida youth to revolt against Big Tobacco. SWAT is a movement of empowered youth working together to de-glamorize tobacco use. Their efforts aim to shape tobacco-free norms, make tobacco less desirable, less acceptable, and less accessible. To learn more or to join a SWAT Club, contact Kim Nash at