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Boys & Girls Clubs Students Working Against Tobacco Head to the Tobacco-Free Martin County Fair
February 21, 2016

This February, the Boys & Girls Club SWAT Club members headed to the Martin County Fair to celebrate the second year of the fair going tobacco free!

The Martin County fairgrounds implemented new tobacco free signage at the fair last year, specifying traditional cigarettes, as well as chew tobacco and electronic cigarettes.  The new tobacco free fair was well-received by the thousands of community members and families who attend the fair each year.

Tobacco use in public places, like the fair, can aid in increasing youth’s perception of tobacco as a normal substance to use.  This dangerous perception often leads to a minor’s own initiation of tobacco use.  Prohibiting use of cigarettes, chew tobacco, and electronic cigarettes at the fair had a tremendously positive result, with fewer youth exposed to tobacco use and the elimination of secondhand smoke exposure.

This year, the Boys & Girls Clubs SWAT members attended the fair to reinforce the tobacco free policy and celebrate the fair's commitment to helping youth remain tobacco free.

SWAT Clubs work to counteract the billions of dollars spent by the tobacco industry to market to youth.  They lead the charge on their campuses to come up with new and innovative ways to spread the message that youth should NOT become a replacement for the tobacco industry.  Currently, e-cigarettes are the leading product used among middle school students, and SWAT youth are working hard to ensure that the dangers of e-cigarettes are widely known, hoping these efforts will prevent an increase in our steadily decreasing rates of tobacco use among Martin County youth.

For information on implementing a tobacco-free policy or the Martin County SWAT program, contact Kim Nash at or by calling 561-452-5555.