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Murray Middle School SWAT Club spreads the word in Hobe Sound
December 8, 2015

The Murray Middle School SWAT Club participated in the Hobe Sound Elementary Health and Safety Fair and the Hobe Sound Christmas Parade this fall, spreading the word about why they pledge to stay tobacco free and why they won't become a replacement for the tobacco industry.

MMs Health Fair

On November 7, five dedicated and enthusiastic SWAT. Club members from Murray Middle School participated in the Hobe Sound Elementary School Health and Safety Fair, where they handed out brochures and anti-smoking items and explained how smoking cigarettes causes cancer and other health problems. The five students that attended the fair are Christian McClung, Anaya Thornton, Brooke Hawkins, Liset Diaz, and Gabby Ramos.

Hobe Sound Christmas Parade

On December 5, they joined Hobe Sound community clubs, officials and businesses spreading holiday cheer as they marched in the Hobe Sound Chamber's Christmas Parade.  Dressed up in their Students Working Against Tobacco shirts, Club members, along with their advisor, Cynthia Bishop, marched down Dixie Highway and Bridge Road in Hobe Sound with their handmade SWAT Club banner, handing out candy and tobacco prevention messages.

SWAT Clubs work to counteract the billions of dollars spent by the tobacco industry to market to youth.  They lead the charge on their campuses to come up with new and innovative ways to spread the message that youth should NOT become a replacement for the tobacco industry.  Currently, e-cigarettes are the leading product used among middle school students, and SWAT youth are working hard to ensure that the dangers of e-cigarettes are widely known, hoping these efforts will prevent an increase in our steadily decreasing rates of tobacco use among Martin County youth.

For more information or to get involved with your local SWAT Club, contact Kim Nash at or by calling 561-452-5555.