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New Tobacco-Free Policies Unveiled in Martin County
March 18 , 2015

We had a very successful winter in Martin County, with a decrease in secondhand smoke exposure at two major events enjoyed by children and their families! 

Both the Martin County Fairgrounds and the City of Stuart Riverwalk stage took the pledge to become tobacco-free this year, protecting visitors, particularly children, from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Martin County Fair

The Martin County fairgrounds implemented new tobacco free signage at the fair this year, specifying traditional cigarettes, as well as chew tobacco and electronic cigarettes.  Tobacco use in public places, like the fair, can aid in increasing youth’s perception of tobacco as a normal substance to use.  This dangerous perception often leads to a minor’s own initiation of tobacco use.  Prohibiting use of cigarettes, chew tobacco, and electronic cigarettes at the fair had a tremendously positive result, with fewer youth exposed to tobacco use and the elimination of secondhand smoke exposure.

Riverwalk Signs
The City of Stuart also made the decision to go tobacco-free, implementing signage at the Riverwalk stage to prevent secondhand smoke exposure at the many popular Riverwalk stage events.  In addition to the Sunday music series, the Riverwalk stage is home to events like Dancin’ in the Streets, Star Spangled Stuart, and many other well attended downtown Stuart festivals.  The Riverwalk stage is a great spot with stadium seating to sit and watch musical performances, but many complaints have been made to the City in the past regarding smoking in the area. 

The new no-tobacco signs were unveiled on facebook and received an overwhelming positive response from the community.  Over 500 users “liked” the announcement, with many other commenting about how great it will be to enjoy the stage without the risk of secondhand smoke exposure.

These tobacco-free policies are a big step in reducing the normalization of tobacco use in our community.  It is our hope that as a result, fewer youth will begin using tobacco products.  In addition to decreasing youth exposure, the health benefits of reducing secondhand smoke at both the fair and the Riverwalk stage have an immediate and positive impact on the residents of Martin County.

For information on implementing a tobacco-free policy, contact Kim Nash at or by calling 561-452-5555.