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Martin County SWAT Clubs Spread Awareness During Red Ribbon Week Activities
October 31, 2014

With the majority of tobacco users picking up their first tobacco product before their 18th birthday, youth prevention remains a major priority in Martin County.  SWAT Clubs throughout the county spread the message on their school campuses and at the Boys & Girls Clubs that tobacco use is not the norm and leads to devastating consequences.

In October and November, the Martin County SWAT Clubs participated in Red Ribbon Week to bring this message to their peers, creating posters, red cup messages at their school entrances, t-shirts, and more to prevent tobacco use among our county’s youngest residents. 

At Murray Middle School, students utilized their televised morning announcements that reached every classroom to teach them about the negative consequences of tobacco use. 

South Fork High School

On high school campuses, red cups spelled out messages like “Say No to Tobacco” and “Cancer Cures Smoking” on school fences, reaching not only every student as they entered campus, but parents and residents driving past the school.

SWAT Clubs work to counteract the billions of dollars spent by the tobacco industry to market to youth.  They lead the charge on their campuses to come up with new and innovative ways to spread the message that youth should NOT become a replacement for the tobacco industry.  Currently, e-cigarettes are the leading product used among middle school students, and SWAT youth are working hard to ensure that the dangers of e-cigarettes are widely known, hoping these efforts will prevent an increase in our steadily decreasing rates of tobacco use among Martin County youth.

For more information or to get involved with your local SWAT Club, contact Kim Nash at or by calling 561-452-5555