Tobacco Free Partnership Seeks Local Restaurants to Participate in Smoke-Free Family Nights
September 8, 2014

On Monday, September 22, Martin County will be celebrating the 2nd Annual “Family Day,” a local initiative encouraging families to eat a meal together.  Evidence shows that families who eat frequent meals together experience positive gains, including children being 52% more likely to choose not to use drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Free the Patio

Many families enjoy eating meals out together, and in Florida we’re fortunate enough to enjoy year-round outdoor dining.  Unfortunately, this luxury often comes at a cost.  Most outdoor patios still permit tobacco use.  Diners are not only exposed to secondhand smoke, but children who witness socially-accepted smoking are more likely to consider tobacco usage as “normal,” and are therefore more vulnerable to initiating tobacco use themselves.

But the Tobacco Free Partnership of Martin County hopes they can encourage more restaurants to participate in “Family Nights” – a special night once a week where tobacco use is not permitted on patios.  The Family Night committee is hopeful that these “breath easy” nights will see just as much, if not more business than a normal evening.

Restaurants interested in participating are encouraged to contact the partnership at or by calling 561-452-5555.

Learn more about what states like New Mexico are doing to promote smoke-free restaurant patios: