Students Working Against Tobacco

Tobacco Free Partnership Tobacco Litter Clean-Up Contest,
March 30, 2012

On March 30, 2012, Martin County SWAT and the Tobacco Free Partnership announced the winners of theri annual Tobacco Litter Clean-Up Contest. This year, the event was held in conjunction Tobacco Free Florida Week.

The goal of the contest is to draw attention to the environmental hazards of tobacco litter, and the volume of tobacco litter in Martin County Florida. Keep Martin Beautiful reports that historically, tobacco-related trash accounts for in excess of 40% of all litter in Martin County, compared with roughly 20% nationally.

During the Tobacco Litter Clean-up Contest, individuals and groups from Martin County collected tobacco related litter from area parks, waterways, and beaches during Tobacco Free Florida Week.


And The Winners Are...

Data collected during this project in the past convinced the Martin County Board of County Commissioners to support a community project to place 110 new signs on county properties, including parks and beaches, promoting the county's current tobacco policy and litter ordinance. On July 26, the County Commission approved and implemented the steps necessary to reduce the impact that tobacco-related trash has in our community. As a result, the groups collected much less tobacco trash than in hyears past!

A more formal survey of the impact of the new signs will take place next fall when we partner with Keep Martin Beautiful for the International Coastal Cleanup. We hope to see a marked reduction in the percentage of tobacco-related trash as a result.